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Training services are not currently available do to an extremely busy schedule.

I currently do most of my training with a great group of people at the Dobbs training center located just outside of
Marysville, California and with the Placer County Schutzhund Club.

Training Photos  



  Training Videos  

These videos feature our dog Bond.  They were taken after training on a hot Sunday afternoon--100 degrees+.
We were just out having fun. Thanks to John Garcia for the helper work and Phillis Dobbs for filming the video.

If you would like to see more videos of Bond and other dogs, let me know by signing the guest book or sending me an e-mail.

Escape Bite
Bond's Escape Bite
(click on picture to play)
Retrieve Over Wall
Bond's Retrieve Over Wall
(click on picture to play)
(Click here to download) Click here to download

Schutzhund 1 Routine

(click on picture to play)

Retrieve Over Jump

(click on picture to play)
(Click here to download) (Click here to download )

  Technical Notes: 

These videos require you to have QuickTime installed on your computer. This is a free program that can be downloaded HERE.

To open the movie to view online, click on the picture.  It will change to another window and play the movie automatically. Press the back button on your browser to return to this page.

To download a video clip, right-click on the text to download.  Select a location to save the file
 on your computer.  If you have a version of Microsoft Windows other than Windows XP and do not have WinZip already
installed on your computer, click HERE to download this free program.


Schutzhund Training Tips

1.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part I: Collar training, theory-understanding; teach the command first; keeping the dog in behavioral balance; escape training; letting the dog win; when to quit-progress toward a goal; finding the dog's sensitivity level; teaching collar understanding of "Here; introducing distractions; when to use higher levels; the avoidance training transition. Appeared in Bloodlines Dec.1991
2.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part II: Reinforcing the "Heel" command, the training sequence, training the dog to identify the "Heel" position; Training the kennel command; Teaching the sit command, stationary sit, sit from motion; Adding speed on the recall. Appeared in Bloodlines Jan.1992.
3.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part III: The trained retrieve, using a training table, teaching the meaning of "Hold", the delivery, the retrieve command, using the collar to reinforce "Bring", transition to the ground, leaving your side promptly, developing a prompt return. Appeared in Bloodlines Feb 1992
4.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part IV: The send out or go out, incorporating the collar, adding speed to the send out, using the wagon wheel drill to teach direction; teaching and using the collar with "Down". Appeared in Bloodlines July/August 1992.
5.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part V: Jumping, teaching form, teaching the dog not to go around the jump, building condition, adding the retrieve, when to use a collar, proofing with off center throws, teaching the wall jump. Appeared in Bloodlines Sept. 1992.
6.     Electronic Collar Training for the Schutzhund Dog-Part VI: The blind search with hold and bark, teaching the dog to go around a blind, adding additional blinds, earning a reward in the blind, adding the helper. Appeared in Bloodlines October 1992.




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