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denali star Safety Issues: Kids and Rottweilers denali star


Safety Issues: Kids and Rottweiles

Children and rottweilers just seem to go hand-in-hand. Many adults have very fond memories of their favorite dog when they were growing up. The bond between a pet and a child can be very strong. However, there are some safety considerations that need to be made before merging kids and dogs.

Preparation is crucial no matter what the pet situation is. Consider the safety issues that families may face when visiting friends and relatives that have rottweilers as pets. A small child needs to be prepared in order to ensure that she does not startle the dog. The pet needs to be prepared to deal with strange children.

Remember that high pitched sounds resemble the sounds made by animals of prey. The rottweiler may become very defensive if a child is screaming and running in his direction. This may cause him to attack, thinking that he needs to protect himself. The child means no harm, of course, but the dog’s instincts are too strong.

The child needs to learn how to behave around rottweilers. There are certain rules that the child needs to follow. Approaching a strange rottweiler is out of the question. This is a non-negotiable that the child needs to follow through. The child may ask the owner if it is all right to touch the animal but she should never simply touch the rottweiler approach the animal without guidance.

A rottweiler may attack if a kid screams and runs away. The dog may instinctually run after the child as a result of a natural chase response that is part of the canine’s wiring. The problem with this instinct is that it is very difficult to get the dog to stop once he has started.

General Rules to Follow 

  • A very young child should not be left alone with a dog, even if they are familiar with each other.

  • The dog and child should be separated during meals, snacks and the dog’s feeding time.

  • Provide the pet with a place to retreat if he gets overwhelmed. This place should be off limits to children.

  • Teach children to how to pet a dog in a calm, relaxed manner.

  • Urge kids to avoid hugging and hitting the animal, especially around the head and neck area.

  • Teach the children to avoid screaming and running past the dog.

  • Do not teach the rottweiler to play tug-of-war if he is going to be around children. The rottweiler may use the child’s clothing or appendages as a tug-of-war toy.

  • Avoid leaving the rottweiler tied in the yard alone for long periods of time. Unsupervised animals can become agitated very easily.

These are just a few suggestions for parents and rottweiler owners to consider. There are many more that are ideal for ensuring a safe environment for interaction. Proper education and training are key factors in the safety of both pets and kids. A great approach to starting off right is through proper supervision and modeling the appropriate behavior around dogs.  

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